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Ah, jeez. I'm really bad at this.

I started making porcelain to convert paper origami into a porcelain form....and I was successful with a few pieces. My breakage rate was about 97%. Took me a year to make pieces that actually survived!

That was super frustrating so I started to make regular slip cast items since I was in a class........and I loved it. Now I have too much stuff :) Most pieces started out pretty normal, but now they're not.

I got bored so started to manipulate, reshape, destroy, cut-up, add to, and morph items into shapes with textures and used glaze techniques that were far more interesting to me. The pieces require a greater level of attention on the part of the user as there are fragile edges, sharp points, cuts, cracks, folds, and super thin areas. You can't just manhandle them!

These pieces demand mindful interaction and for us to slow down as we use or move them. They need your time and thoughtfulness.

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