I don’t really know how to best state this as I make what I’m feeling and seeing and liking at the time I’m doing what I'm doing.


I'm Michelle Fix. I've been working with visuals and story-telling most of my professional life in fashion and home. I love nature, animals of all kinds - some more than others :) - architecture, great design, graphics, fabrics, etc, etc. I have a very eclectic visual aesthetic ranging from Comme des Garcons to Marimekko to National Geographic.


I had the good fortune to work with Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Christian Lacroix, Thierry Mugler, Alber Elbaz and have been influenced by everything that's crossed my path throughout my life. 


The beauty and horror of nature is endlessly inspirational. From glorious autumnal foliage to a decaying carcass, they are equally fascinating and quite beautiful if you look closely enough.

Mikkusu is Japanese for "mix" and that is my true sensibility. I love moving from high to low, mac 'n cheese to champagne, Joyce to fart jokes. There is beauty in contrast, in harmony, in dissonance, in the unexpected. It’s a process that leads to perpetual surprise – sometimes delightful, sometimes not so much, but still....there's something there – and I find that satisfying. I hope you do too.


@2019 Mikkusu Art and Decor

Mikkusu Art and Decor

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