I really don’t know what to say but I'll make a go of it. I make what I’m feeling and seeing and liking at the time I’m doing what I'm doing.


I'm Michelle Fix. I've been working with visuals and story-telling most of my professional life and in my avocations. I love nature, animals, architecture, great design, graphics, fabrics, etc, etc. I have an eclectic visual aesthetic ranging from Comme des Garcons to Marimekko to National Geographic.

I've also done improv, a bit of acting, stand-up and production. What I love from that world - especially improv - is the "yes....and" that we improvisors say to an idea. This opens an interaction to limitless possibilities. I like to do the same with porcelain. Yes. I like this....and what else can I do with it?

Mikkusu is Japanese for "mix" and I love mixing things up. It’s a process that leads to perpetual discovery and surprise -there's something there and I find that satisfying. I hope you do too.

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